The house furniture that have been chosen for thier good apperances are so practical

Recently, the editor started a topic solicitation, because I wanted to know about the furniture that my friends bought with the least regret after moving in the new home. Unexpectedly, a lot of fun facts have been dug up, and their chose furniture are both beautiful and practical.

It is no exaggeration to say that after I read them, I really have the urge to replace some furniture in my house. If you likewise would like buy or change furniture recently, you must check this article out. It is not cheap, but it greatly improves the happiness of life!

1. Suspended dining table

When you are still struggling with the dining table in the traditional furniture store, people have been using the floating dining table for more than half a year. The legs of the table are pure transparent acrylic, and the table top can be made of slate, solid wood, etc., which can be matched according to your own decoration style and preferences. .

The owner's home above is connected to the island, and considering the unity, he chose a slate countertop, pure white, with a dozen lights, full of sense of luxury.

The home is log style, you can also choose this solid wood table top, white oak, cherry wood, etc., with asymmetric benches + rattan chairs on both sides, an artistic atmosphere blows.


Not only the appearance is high, but the practicality is also very good. In addition to the long side, the short side can also sit on both sides. It is not too cramped for friends to come for dinner. The price depends on the material of the countertop you choose, three or four thousand to five or six thousand. It's not cheap, but it really boosts happiness.

2. Bed with storage space

Small apartment storage itself is not enough, how can three or four square beds be wasted?

This owner chose the box body hydraulic pole bed. The box body is not that kind of super thick, ten or twenty centimeters, which does not affect the normal 25cm thick mattress placement, and the storage space at the bottom is not bad.

Clothes, bedding, etc. that change seasons can all be stuffed in. There is a wide band that is opened every day, and men can easily open it with a single pull. There is no need to remove the mattress.


The key is that the clothes are very airtight inside, with good dust resistance, and they can be kept clean for a long time. The owner is in the north, which is relatively dry, and the baby in the south is not easy to say.

3. Lazy sofa

The owner said that it is purely for the sake of appearance. I didn't expect that the sitting feeling is too comfortable. It is full of sponge, the waist is supportive, and it is soft and waxy to sit on. It can be said that it is the source of happiness after get off work every day. I fell asleep while playing with my phone on it several times, and its status is far higher than the large sofa in my house.

I chose black to match the soft furnishing style of my home, which is dirt-resistant and atmospheric. My friend’s house referred to mine and bought milky white, which is also very good-looking. Basically, I have seen people who bought this lazy sofa, but I haven’t stepped on it yet. , One or two thousand happiness is really worth it.

4. Medieval trolley instead of coffee table

No matter the size of the living room, I really don't recommend buying a large coffee table for the home. Not to mention the space, it is always full and messy.

This old-fashioned stroller, just bought it for the first time, really has the feeling of "heartbeat". The ultra-white Changhong glass is matched with the stainless steel frame, and the appearance is really amazing.


Double-layer, placed in the living room, enough for fruit, tea cups, mobile phones, with pulleys at the bottom, and can be moved at will, when chasing dramas in the middle of the sofa, daily in the corner, very flexible.

Oh, by the way, it can also be folded, and it can be folded when not in use. It does not take up any space at all. The owner is also careful, and such small objects can be discovered.

5. Bedside table with bedside lamp

The bedside space is very limited. There is a cabinet on one side and a bay window on the other side. There is only one bedside table left, and there can be no desk lamp, so the owner chose this bedside table with light, which saves space and is practical.

The lamp is three-tone dimming + stepless dimming. Different brightness can be adjusted for reading at night and playing with mobile phones. If there are not enough sockets reserved at the bedside, you can also choose wireless charging on the desktop. .

6. Instant hot tea bar machine

When I don’t like drinking hot water, I have to burn it for a long time and wait for a long time. When I was decorating, I was determined to buy an instant hot water dispenser. I understood that the pipeline machine is too expensive and the kind of filtering waste water is too troublesome, so I decided to choose this kind of instant water dispenser. Hot tea bar machine.

When the water is connected, the hot water comes out directly without waiting. There are four boiling water modes, 45°, 60°, 85°, and 100°, to meet different needs such as warm water, milk powder, and tea.

Because the bottled pure water is placed below, it can be drunk cold, so there is no problem that the water must be boiled before drinking. I often want to drink warm water, so I set it to 45°, and there is no discomfort.

Moreover, its water outlet can be raised and lowered, which can match different cup heights, which is very user-friendly, and the water output is also large. Unlike the pipeline machine, the water output is small. It is definitely the home with the strongest sense of happiness that I have bought. one of the products

7. Electric lift desk

My husband and I often have to work from home, but the heights are very different. I am 1.6 meters and he is 1.8 meters high, resulting in a desk of the same height, and the two people always use less than one piece.

I have to admit that this product is really refined now. I found this electric lift desk with buttons on the front, which can be adapted to a height of 1.6-1.9 meters, so that we can adjust to a comfortable height when we are working. flexible.

Moreover, when you are tired from working and your waist and cervical spine are uncomfortable, you can directly raise the desktop and work while standing.

In order to prevent the bear children from pressing indiscriminately, there is also a child lock function. Once it is set, it does not work after pressing it. The design is very considerate.

If there are students at home, you can also use it, from junior high school to adult no problem

8. Fishing floor lamp

It belongs to the lamps that I fell in love with at a glance, and they are completely irresistible. Fortunately, the price is not expensive. I probably chose them and put them in the living room. It is really beautiful.

When I come home from get off work, I only turn on a fishing light, sit in the corner of the sofa, read books and play with my mobile phone. That feeling is very healing.

It comes in large, medium and small sizes, you can choose according to the size of your living room, and you can basically find the right one.

A reminder, this kind of lamp itself is a replica, there is no need to buy too expensive, four or five hundred is almost the same

9. Sweeping and dragging machine

If you ask me, the most successful small household product I bought at home, it is not this all-in-one sweeping and mopping machine. When I go home, I can start sweeping and mopping the floor by myself with just a touch of a small hand, except for the side that cannot get in. The corners and corners, everywhere, are all spotless, no worse than people dragging.

Moreover, it can also automatically clean the mop, just manually pour out the dirty water at the end. If your home has water up and down in advance, you don’t even need to control the water tank, which is much stronger than that kind of handheld vacuum cleaner.

10. Children's growing dining chair

I did not choose a colorful children's dining chair, but bought a replica of the same style of the star's growing dining chair. The biggest advantage is that it can be used from infants to adults without changing.

Whether it is a board to sit on or a board to step on, the height can be adjusted at any time, and it is also equipped with a surrounding dinner plate during infants, which is very practical.

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