The 5 pieces of furniture that you don't want to buy for house decoration

Like many families, they will buy a variety of furniture after decoration. When buying furniture, you will refer to many aspects, considering appearance, style, function and so on.

However, there are a lot of famous furniture on the Internet, so I have bought and put these seemingly popular furniture directly at home, but when I begin to actually use them, I find that they may be not practical at all. It can be said that it is almost useless, which is a summary of lessons for many. So in this article, the editor summarizes these 5 pieces of useless furniture, for your reference.

1. Combination bed

① Many people have chosen a lot of novel furniture in order to make the space at home more efficient.

For example, a combination bed. A combination bed is a type of bed that can be stretched and combined. When it is not in use, we can put it away and spread it out as a bed when we need to use it. It seems that the combination bed has a high sense of technology and good appearance, but many people don't use them.

Combination bed

② The most common type of combined bed is the expandable bed.

It is usually folded and placed, so that you can free up more space. In fact, the practicality of this bed is very poor. It is estimated that many friends almost want to disassemble it after using it just a few times. For this combined bed, although it seems to save the space, it actually brings a lot of inconvenience to our lives.

③ Recommendation:For people with smaller houses or rooms, I personally suggest that you can choose to make more cabinets on the wall, so as to increase the storage space.

For the location where the usage is relatively high, try to buy some fixed furniture. For example, we can buy a traditional bed, so that we don’t need to fold it every day, which is in line with our living habits.

2. Slate dining table

①Slate furniture is very popular recently, such as slate bathroom countertops, slate kitchen countertops, but these are fixed slate countertops. There is another kind of slate dining table. I believe that many people have interest in the beauty of the slate dining table.

②The biggest advantage of the slate dining table is its good appearance, and the slate dining table has also gained a lot of fans for this. Although the slate dining table has a high appearance, its practicality is really very poor in my opinion. In fact, it is a kind of ceramic tile itself, but the texture is relatively hard and relatively special.

It still feels very cold to the hand, but the weight bearing is problematic, and it is especially brittle. Therefore, the biggest problem with the slate dining table is the issue of cracking. For example, during transportation, the slate may break directly. In the process of use after installation, it may crack accidentally.

Slate dining table

③ Recommended practice: Like the dining table at home, I personally recommend that you buy the wood dining tables of the minimalist style, which will be more practical. The surface of the solid wood dining table is of wooden structure, which is in line with our daily usage habits. In addition, the table is very sturdy and durable, and it can match in many decoration styles.

Finally, solid wood dining tables are also cheaper than the slate dining ones. Personally, I think it is really unnecessary to pay the high price of the slate dining table just for the good appearance.

3. Glass Wardrobe

①The so-called glass wardrobe here means that the doors of the wardrobes are made of glass. Everyone knows something about glass wardrobes, and they are just like the ones in which many clothes are displayed in shopping malls.

Glass Wardrobe

The glass wardrobe looks really good when the clothes inside are neatly arranged. But everyone must know that the glass wardrobe must be neatly arranged, otherwise it will lose its due appearance.

② Many of the wardrobes that our families use are not very regular.

That is, when placing clothes, it may be of different lengths, and various clothes are placed together, so there is no regularity in storage. And then there may be a problem. Through the glass door we can find that it is messy and untidy.

And the practicality of glass wardrobes is also very poor. In particular, the dust on the glass often needs to be wiped later. The price of glass wardrobes is relatively high, and the requirements for hardware are also high, otherwise it may be broken in use.

③ Personal point of view: For wardrobes, I personally recommend that you choose a wardrobe with traditional doors.

Like the more common materials for wardrobe doors now, there are solid wood boards, ecological boards, and particle boards. In addition, according to the surface treatment, it can be made into various colors and different textures. The overall decoration effect will be very good and the most important thing is that it will be more durable and more suitable for most families.

4. Hanging chair

① With a hanging chair at home, many people may think it is very beautiful. This is also a very typical hot furniture on the Internet.

When many young people begin decorating, they want to install a hanging chair on the balcony or in the garden, just to pursue a free and comfortable leisure time. But for the hanging chair on the balcony, it can be said that it only feels good within a week or two after installation, and for the rest of the time it only becomes useless, and some even want to throw it away.

②The hanging chair on the balcony is probably of a hemispherical shape, which completely violates the mechanical characteristics of human mechanics. I believe that many people should have a deep understanding of this.

Every time I sit on it for a while, I feel very uncomfortable, typically my back hurts a little. So it may not be used to sit a few times a week, and slowly it becomes a mere decoration on the balcony, but the hanging chair is relatively large, which takes up a lot of space.

hanging chair

③ Suggestions: For balcony hanging chairs, I personally think it is completely unnecessary. If we like the free and comfortable life, I personally suggest that you can install a small swing on the balcony, and you can usually sit on it and rest for a while. It's nice to be able to put it away when you do not need it.

Large hanging furniture such as hanging chairs should not appear in home decoration.

5. Lazy sofa

①The lazy sofa has become very popular in recent years.

There are various styles of lazy sofas, and together with various colors, it can be said that they are popular everywhere. And the reason is because there are a lot of very good-looking pictures. I believe that many people have been cheated by these pictures of lazy sofa.

②The biggest advantage of the lazy sofa is that its appearance is very good.

To a certain extent, the lazy sofa can indeed improve the style of home life and the overall decoration effect of the interior. Like many home improvement designers, they almost take the lazy sofa as a standard element. But in fact, a lazy sofa is rather inconvenient to use. Sitting in it always feels like a nest, and I feel uncomfortable all over.

Lazy sofa

③ Personal suggestion: For the product of the lazy sofa, I personally recommend that you do not buy it.

This kind of sofa is completely against the ergonomic design. Sitting for a long time can be very unfavorable to the lumbar and cervical vertebrae of the human body, because it causes the body to twist. If we prefer a free and comfortable life, we can choose some solid wood furniture. Like a solid wood lounge chair. We can usually lay a layer of cushion on it, and it is very comfortable to sit on.


When purchasing furniture for our home decoration, we must not blindly follow some Internet fashion. We can say that many famous furniture on the Internet is good in looking, but not good in practical use. Therefore, when choosing a variety of furniture, we must also focus on practicality.

Especially for some furniture related to daily life, try to consider some characteristics of the human body, otherwise it will be harmful to our health. Therefore, in this article, the editor shares five pieces of furniture products on the Internet. Finally, I would like to remind everyone to be cautious in the purchase of these products, so as to get into trouble after purchasing.

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