Tatami - the savior of small apartments

In most small apartments, there will be a room with a compact area, which is considered to be spacious when used as a study, but it will be a bit small used as a bedroom if the design is not good. Tatami is commonly used in small apartment decoration. As a design option, whether in terms of space utilization, storage, or the overall aesthetic effect, the tatami is a relatively good solution!

1. The tatami can be placed against the wall or the window

Tatami can be used as a customized design, and the tatami bed can be installed against the wall or window without wasting an inch of space. For a small apartment, tatami is a very practical design, which can provide the function of the bed and bring storage space.


2. Combination of tatami and cabinet

In the bedroom with a tatami, there will also be furniture such as wardrobes, bookcases or desks. However, due to the limited space, it may be difficult to buy suitable furniture if they are finished products. Therefore, it is generally recommended to install tatami. The cabinets are all customized. In this way, the tatami can be integrated with the custom cabinet and furniture for higher space utilization, and the overall space style will be more unified.

tatami and cabinet

3. How high should the tatami be?

The height of tatami is generally recommended to be about 30-40cm. This includes a mattress of about 10cm, and the total height is 40-50cm. A tatami bed at this height, whether for sitting or sleeping, is comfortable for most people.

tatami height

4. How to choose a tatami mattress?

When choosing a mattress for a tatami bed, it is definitely not suitable to buy a conventional 20cm mattress. Generally, the thickness of the mattress for a tatami bed is supposed to be about 10cm, because there is still a storage cabinet under the it, and a thin mattress will be used, which is easy to move, and convenient to use the storage cabinet under the bed.

In addition, in order to make is easier to change the bed cover and move the storage cabinet under the mattress, you can also consider choosing a foldable mattress. The thin mattress can be folded in half, which will be more flexible and convenient to use.

tatami mattress

5. How to design the storage of the tatami bed?

The storage design under the tatami bed can be divided into two parts - the drawer area on the outside that is easy to open the door, and the storage area that is not commonly used on the inside if it is difficult to open the door, so that the space under the tatami can be used.

① Commonly used drawer storage

On the outside of the tatami bed, a row of drawers can be installed, and these drawers can be utilized to store some frequently used items.

② Storage area that is not commonly used

The width of a tatami bed is generally more than 1.2 meters, and the drawer on the outside is usually impossible to reach 1.2 meters. Therefore, the space under the bed on the inner side of the tatami can only be opened by flipping the top of the bed. The mattress should be removed, so the cabinet under the tatami bed is generally used to store some less commonly used for box bottom items.

Regarding the design of tatami, the 5 tips above basically cover most of the precautions. If you have any special requirements or thoughts, you are welcome to share in the comments!

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