One trick for you to choose kitchen wall tiles

In the kitchen environment generally, the oil smoke and water vapor are relatively heavy, so the choice of wall tiles needs to be careful. The decoration needs to have aesthetics, and for living it must be practical; then for kitchen decoration, how can you choose the wall tiles? Today, we are going to give you some tips to make kitchen decoration less of a hassle.


1. Tile water absorption

The falling off wall tiles causes hollowing out in walls, especially in a humid and hot environment like the kitchen. If the tiles are not properly handled during construction, they will still fall off in the future; therefore, for the selection of ceramic tiles, we must choose the ones with high water absorption. The lower the water absorption rate, the harder it will be for the tile, and it is more difficult to construct and lay them. Don't worry too much about the wear resistance, and tiles with high water absorption are not difficult to construct, and they are not easy to fall off.

2. Tile surface

The surface of the tiles should still be smoother. In the kitchen, some soup or oil is often spilled on the wall. If the tiles are glazed, it is very easy to clean up. And if it is some antique bricks or embossed bricks with matte potholes on the surface, it will be very difficult clean up.

3. Tile color

It is recommended to choose light colors. The area of the common kitchen is not too large. If you want the overall performance to be brighter, light colors are better, such as white beige, which makes people feel clean and tidy, and at the same time there can also be an extended effect.

4. Tile pattern

The space in the kitchen is relatively limited, and some kitchen cabinets and hanging cabinets are just the right choices, and the space that can be used for laying tiles is very limited. The choice of tile patterns and colors should not be too fancy, as it is easy to make the whole space look compact, so it is better to choose tiles with few patterns or solid colors.

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