How to use swing bed in the hotel?

Sit on the swing bed and swing.

If a hotel has a swing bed or swing chair, first of all, it can let people get a relatively novel way of rest. Compared with the restrained environment of the family, this is also an ingenious arrangement.

swing chair

But later on, couples don't just sit in hammocks and rest, young people may get creative and buy some coffee at night, sit there listening to romantic music, snuggle with each other, and take pictures of swinging posts to show off on the Internet for likes. Often, when the ladyis swinging, the other may suddenly take out a diamond ring to propose to her.

Notes on the use of hotel hammocks:

  1. Check all connections of the hammock for signs of breakage before use.

  2. Before sitting on, be sure to check whether the rope is firmly knotted.

  3. When sitting on the hammock, hold the hammock on both sides with both hands and then sit in, but not sitting on one side.

  4. Don't jump up and down on the hammock or move too far.

  5. The fixing methods when tying the hammock are: after winding the rope on the post, wrap the end on the rope; twist the rope to make a small rope loop; pass the rope end through the loop and tighten the knot.

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