How to repair the damage of leather sofa?

The repair methods for the worn leather sofa are as follows:


1. Minor damage

First use leather cleaner to clean the stains on its surface, after air-drying, use a scraper to smooth the surface, then apply leather repair paste, wait until it is dry and wax it for protection.

2. For a large hole or area that needs repairing

If this is the case, it is not possible to directly repair the seam. In either case, first remove the dirt on its surface with clean leather, and after it is dry, take a piece of leather in the same size of the hole, use the all-purpose glue to fix it at the bottom of the hole, then fill it with repair paste. Next wait for about half an hour to fill it again, and repeat this three times. In order not to leave an obvious repair mark, you can make it look like a skin pattern on the repair cream, and it will look like new from a distance.

3. For the case of scalding and cigarette butt burns

First, you can use a scraper to remove the scalded part of the surface. If it is burnt through, you can repair it according to the method above. If the burn is relatively minor, then Just follow the first method to repair it.

4. Flat incision

This situation is relatively simple, as long as it is cleaned, it can be repaired directly with needles and threads, but the color should be similar to the thread and needle, and it cannot be pulled too tight, or there may be a bulge. You must repair it and make the surface flat, and finally use the repair paste to cover it up, and then wax it for maintenance.

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