How to make wooden floors look fresh?

Many women like to choose the wooden floors at home, because the wooden floor looks very cozy and gives a warm feeling, and some want the wooden floor at home to look like a fresh Japanese style, rather too solemn. If you think that the fresh wooden floor is more suitable for you, so how can you make the wooden floor look fresh? It's actually really simple!

Wooden floors with artistic parquet

Ordinary wooden floors use the more common L-shaped spellings, which makes the floors look lacking a bit of vitality. The wooden floor with herringbone spelling and fishbone spelling will make use of the color difference and changing spelling between the wooden floors to make the wooden floor look full of vitality. After all, the small freshness represents a kind of youth and vitality, so using a floor that looks vibrant will make the fresh style you want in your heart more prominent.

Light-colored wooden floors

The light-colored wooden floor has a higher refractive index, which can fully refract the light of the light source, so that the floor will look brighter and warmer, while the fresh wooden floor basically looks like a layer of sunlight. It will look very bright, and can make the texture on the top clearer and the floor more textured.

wooden floor

More green plants on the floor

If you put some plants in the home where the wooden floor is laid, it can make the wooden floor full of life, and the plants and the wooden floor are something right from Mother Nature. People feel extra relaxed, and the feeling of freshness makes people feel beautiful and relaxed, so by placing some plants on the wooden floor at home, the desired style can naturally be highlighted.

More green plants on the floor

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