How to make beautiful tile seams in house decoration?

Some people always talk about the beautiful seam of ceramic tiles. Before getting to know this, I thought it should be a difficult job. How can I make the lines of the beautiful seam? Later, I checked it on the Internet, and found generally, the beautiful seam of ceramic tiles in decoration companies generally includes being dried for 1-2 days, and the beautiful seam construction can be completed in just half a day. Is it simpler?


In recent days, the company's bathroom is doing ceramic tile seams. The beauty seam agent on the edge of the wall tiles is shiny and layered, which makes people involuntarily want to touch it, but I am worried that the beauty seam agent has not dried. The next day I saw it, I tried to feel it and found that the beautifying agent was indestructible and firmly adhered to the wall. At that time, I was thinking if the beautifying agent on the edge of the tile was torn off, would the agent in the middle of the tile be pulled out?

Driven by curiosity, I cautiously started to try to prick the beautiful seam of the tiles, and tore a small gap from the edge and pulled it along the way. It's very beautiful, so how to make the tile beautiful seam look better?

Decoration companies should be very professional in making beautiful tile seams, but as an editor, I don't know that the construction process of beautiful tile seams, so I learned it on Tiktok. It turns out that beautiful tile seams are more beautiful:

1. Control tile gaps

Controlling the size of the tile gap and maintaining the width of the gap is the key point. Many construction teams cannot control the size and position of the tile gap, resulting in different widths of the tile gap, which looks like a gap after a perfect gap is made.

2. Choose the right beautifying agent

There are many colors of beauty seam materials for tile beauty seams. Most people like white, transparent, and golden beauty seams, but also choose yellow and blue beauty seams. Some people even like to choose crystal beauty seams. This is not random. The choice depends on the style of your home.

3. Professional construction standards

The beautiful tile seam must have a professional construction level. For example, the pre-cleaning work of the beautiful tile seam. Many people swept the gap to the ash, but did not scrape the ash. This is a fatal blow, or it is a steel ball when pressing the seam. There are gaps, and the finished beauty joint material is easy to bond with the excess waste.

4. Beautiful seam cleaning

The cleaning work of the tile beauty seam is relatively simple: just hold a scraper and shovel it against the floor, but pay more attention to the smoothness of the surface of the beauty seam when shoveling.

In the construction of home improvement and renovation, decoration companies may prefer the beautiful seams of ceramic tiles in tooling. Although the requirements for tooling are higher, all tile pasting and tile cleaning are of some professional standards, and it is supposed to be done by a decoration company. As scattered as home improvement, even the decoration team can do the project separately.

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