How to improve the kitchen decoration to look better?

In house decoration, the living room and bedroom have always been the focus, while the bathroom and kitchen are always easily forgotten. Aside from the stereotyped bathroom, the kitchen decoration seems a bit out of place. Although the home improvement company has always wanted to integrate the kitchen decoration design with the whole house decoration style, but considering that the kitchen must be clean, tidy and hygienic, they finally have to use white and gray tiles to do it.


Many people think that the kitchen decoration should be based on function, that is, the area should be large enough, fully equipped; and there should be more storage cabinets, the faucet is balanced with heat and cold, and the sewer pipe crushing treatment, etc. But some people think that the kitchen decoration should be suitable for the grade of the house. It does not need too many functions, and only to ensure the foundation of life and the appearance will be accepted.

The decoration of the kitchen is inseparable from the appearance design and the functional design. It is always easy to make a mistake whether to focus on the function or the effect. It is possible to combine the effect and the function, but the kitchen effect design is the most difficult in the whole house decoration. In order to decorate the kitchen, look good, you need to make the design from the following aspects:

1. The color of kitchen decoration

The color of kitchen decoration is the core and focus. If the color selection is garish and black, the kitchen will not look very clean, and even delicious meals will not be appetizing, so the color of the kitchen decoration must be pure.

2. The style of kitchen decoration

The style of kitchen decoration is the filling of colors. Generally, you can choose sliding cabinets with regular shapes, or you can choose sliding door cabinets. The style you choose can be according to your own preferences, or according to the living room decoration style.

3. The material selection of kitchen decoration

There are many kinds of materials for kitchen decoration, wood, alloy, glass and other materials are the best materials for kitchen decoration, and the prices are almost the same.

4. The function of kitchen decoration

Kitchen decoration can give many functions, such as air extraction, oil discharge, light lighting, faucet design, and sewer crushing.

Choose three from the above aspects as the key points. Combining the decoration design can basically guarantee the effect of the kitchen, but whether it can go well with the living room decoration, depends on what style you choose. In the process of the kitchen decoration by the home improvement company, it is generally not recommended to choose a unified style for the kitchen and living room, except for the open kitchen.

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