How to choose the right mattress?

We basically sleep on the mattress, not on the bed frame/bed board, but many people fail to realize such a simple truth. There are many people who would rather spend $10,000 on a bed than $3,000 on a mattress. I spent tens of thousands to buy a luxury bed, but slept on a cheap mattress that was given by the merchant. I hope you don't think penny wise and pound foolish.


Most imported mattresses costing tens of thousands of dollars are not much different from the ordinary mattresses. Today, I would like to talk about how to choose a good mattress to sleep at ease.


As the support core, the spring plays an irreplaceable role for the mattress. Springs are roughly divided into two types, the whole net and the independent pocket. The whole net spring will feel hard for a long time and there will be abnormal noises, but due to the low price, it is full of various low-end markets. The independent pocket springs are much quieter, because they are packed one by one with non-woven pockets, and it is not easy to generate friction between the springs.

The reason why Simmons has become synonymous with mattresses is that the biggest difference from ordinary mattresses is the independent pocket spring. The quality of the mattress depends on the parameters of the spring, which is basically the core technology of the merchants. People can look at the spring samples displayed by the merchants, understand the diameter, number of turns, shapes, etc., and you can get a general understanding by shopping.

A good mattress will use 6.5 coils of high-manganese carbon steel springs (5.5 coils of ordinary materials are mostly used on the market), which are independently supported and do not interfere with each other, commonly referred to as mute and anti-interference. The closures at both ends of the spring are designed to shrink toward the center, which will not puncture the cloth pocket, so it has a longer service life and is more worry-free for people to use.


The top layer is the core area of the mattress. Because it can be seen and touched, this part is often the most expensive part. The material must be soft enough to ensure the comfort of lying on it.

Some low-cost mattress fabrics that are mainly cost-effective are mostly ordinary knitted fabrics, and whether the quality is good or bad depends on the price. With the upgrade of mattress configuration, the fabrics are also upgraded, from ordinary knitted fabrics to better knitted fabrics to functional fabrics. 

Bekaert fabrics are high-end probiotic fabrics. They are made of natural and environmentally friendly materials, which can effectively inhibit the breeding of mites. At the same time, a good mattress will also add antibacterial non-woven fabrics to the filling layer, so that people can say goodbye to the trouble of moldy mattresses.


Whether it is a mattress of thousands of dollars or a big brand mattress of tens of thousands of dollars, most of the intermediate filling materials are latex, palm, sponge and so on. But no matter what kind of material it is, you must choose enough environmentally friendly materials, and it is best to see the test report of the certified quality inspection agency, so that you can sleep at ease.

Some people buy removable mattresses for peace of mind. They can see that the material is very safe, but they often ignore the inherent shortcomings of removable mattresses, which is what the merchants have not explained. The material inside the detachable mattress cannot be fixed, and it tends to deviate after sleeping for a long time. And it is more likely to collapse and affect the sleep feeling. The general filling materials such as sponge and latex have a life span of 8-10 years. However, if they are often exposed to the air, their life span will be reduced to only 3-5 years, and they will be useless, and even endanger your health.

Most of the international big brands are encapsulated mattresses, filled with multiple layers of sponge in the middle, including soft hot-melt cotton, high-performance sponge, clean and soft cotton, and super-soft sponge. Good mattress materials are natural and environmentally friendly, and have been certified by professional safety and quality, so that we can sleep well all night.

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