How to choose materials for bathroom in new house decoration?

In a new house decoration project, the bathroom could be a very critical area. At the beginning of the decoration, we need to pay special attention to the selection of materials. Today we will talk about how to choose materials in bathroom decoration.


1. The choice of toilet basin

Many people will find it difficult in the choice of the countertop basin. In fact, there is no need to be confused here. In most cases, a countertop basin is better as it will give us a high-grade of feeling, but in a place like home, we would like to suggest that you may choose under-counter basins in decorating the new house. What are the disadvantages of countertop basins? After living for a long time, some hard-to-clean corners are difficult to deal with, but one problem that needs to be paid attention to is that when installing the under-counter basin, the choice of glass glue should be of good quality, so that it will not affect the water proofness.

2. The choice of makeup mirror

Many friends will ignore this. When choosing a mirror, the size of the bathroom should be considered as well. If the bathroom is not very large, it is recommended to select a cabinet with a mirror. In this way, it can also add some storage space, and will not affect the use of mirrors.

3. The choice of bathroom cabinet

There are many bathroom cabinets for us to choose from in the market, and the materials can be quite a few, but for new house decoration, on the one hand, we must consider the aesthetics, and on the other, we need also take into account of the practicality, such as wooden materials. If it is used in the bathroom, it will be affected by moisture and other problems for a long time of use. Therefore, it is recommended for the material of the bathroom to choose aluminum alloy material, which has a good decorative effect and a long lifespan.

4. The choice of hardware

Here we focus on the selection of faucets, and the key to judge the quality of the faucet lies in its valve core. It is recommended to choose a ceramic valve core, which has excellent performance in all aspects, good wear resistance and resistance. It is popular, and will have the issue of leaking for a long time.

5. Glass materials

In recent years, the danger of glass bursting in the shower has occurred several times. The main reason is the problem of the glass material of the shower room, which you need to pay attention to. As to ensure safety, the choice of tempered glass must be certified.

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