How to choose an air fryer (2)?

(3) So what factors do you need to focus when buying an air fryer?

There are so many brands of air fryers on the market that many people will be dazzled when shopping. The actual purchase depends not only on the actual parameters and product design, but also on choosing the air fryer that suits you according to your own needs. Of course, there is no absolute good or bad here, and find the one matching your own usage scenario is the best way to go.

Here are several purchasing points from the editor's experience:

① Capacity:

 The common air fryers have a capacity between 2L and 5L. Generally speaking, 3~4L is suitable for a family of two. With a capacity of 4L, you can fry 10 chicken wings, 6 egg tarts or 2 steaks at a time; for a family of five, you can choose a 5L product. For one person, the editor also recommends buying 3~4L. After all, it is not difficult for a person who can cook to find friends to share delicious food.

② Heating method:

 There are two main heating methods for air fryers: top heating and bottom heating. These two types of air fryers have different functions because of the different heating methods and structures. The top-heated air fryer has the heating device on the top. Since the heating tube occupies the top cover, it must be used with the top cover closed tightly, so the function is greatly limited and can only be used as an air fryer. We can also know that the top heating coil is on the top, and the air will blow the grease splashed from the food to the heating tube, and the complicated top design will also make it difficult to clean.

The editor is a person who doesn't like to cause trouble for himself, so the air fryer he bought features a heating body underneath. The hot air at the bottom of the machine naturally moves upward, and along with the internal wind drawn by the fan, it will accelerate the hot air circulation in the entire space. The high-speed hot air circulation can not only make the internal temperature more uniform, but also make it more convenient and flexible to use. In addition to the function of the air fryer, it can also offer the functions of other kitchen appliances.

air fryer

③ Frying performance:

 A good air fryer must meet three points of cooking performance: fast heating speed, uniform heating, and precise temperature control. It is important to ensure the taste of the food, to have it not be burnt on one side and not fully cooked on the other side. The temperature set at 180° turned out to be only 150°, which is equivalent to using a medium fire but only turned on a small one, and the food made will much worse. When buying the fryer, you must pay attention to the wattage. If it is too low, not an option. The editor bought an air fryer with a power of 1200W, a fast-heating speed, and a cooking power of 1500W.

④ Oil tray:

 The oil trap can play the role of the bottom air guide groove, which is better than the one without the oil trap. The professionally designed oil pan prevents oil stains from running to the bottom. It is not easy to smell oily smoke during use, and it is easier to store and clean, better than the traditional drawer design. Besides, it will not get oil stains everywhere in the fryer, which will be rather difficult to clean. You can just throw it in the dishwasher when you're done with it, and it's very easy to do without brushing by hand.

⑤ Appearance: 

A good-looking air fryer can make you feel physically and mentally happy throughout the frying process.

air fryer appearance

⑥ Convenient and intelligent operation

Many young people who have just walked out of the campus, with many of whom relatively new to the kitchen, are not very clear about how much temperature and how long to make these fried products. Therefore, intelligent electronically controlled air fryer with large-screen panels, products with control and navigation are more suitable. They can quickly get started to make and enjoy the delicious food. After all, it is not easy for anyone who has just begun to cook, and a delicious meal is definitely something they want at home.

⑦ Versatility

At present, the lower heating air fryer, due to its natural advantages, has begun to develop in a multi-functional usage, and there is no shortage of frying and cooking. The air fryer is not inferior to the traditional air fryer in function and its independent bottom heating plate can replace the real frying and boiling functions under the condition of driving hot air, which is closer to the traditional cooking effect.

In terms of frying and cooking, it can be almost the same as the "multi-functional pot" of Mofei, which is very suitable for 1~3 people. One pot can have multiple functions, not only makes sukiyaki, Korean barbecue, but also save lot of cabinet space. At the same time, this kind of fryer has a lot of accessories and pots. It is estimated that there may be a porous pot like octopus balls in the future. I am looking forward to it.

Another advantage of this type of fryer compared to traditional fryers is the transparent glass cover, which allows you to observe the inside of the fryer at all times, which is much more practical.

The frying basket and other accessories of the air fryer should also be made of non-stick material. Otherwise, there will be something sticking to it every time you finish cooking, which will make it difficult to clean up. If you have a dishwasher, it is best to check if it can be washed in a dishwasher.

Finally, let’s talk about the difference between an air fryer and an oven. There is indeed a similarity between the two. That is, they both generate high temperature through a heating tube (resistance wire). It is no wonder that some people think that an air fryer is just a small oven. There are three main differences between them:

  • 1) The air fryer uses hot air to generate thermal convection and thermal circulation, sealing and heating, which can speed up heat conduction and allow food to be heated more evenly. The oven uses the upper and lower heating pipes to generate high temperature, and takes advantage of the heat of the heating pipes to cook food.

  • 2) The inside of the air fryer is a small enclosed space, much smaller than the oven, and the same type or amount of food takes less cooking time in the air fryer.

  • 3) The air fryer is easy to operate, just marinate the food and then put it in the fryer to cook, even a novice in the kitchen can get started. And the inner tank generally has a non-stick coating, which is easier to clean.

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