Have you noticed the details of living room decoration for new house in 2022?

The overall layout of the living room at home is actually very important, and it accounts for a very large proportion in house decoration. You must pay attention to it when decorating. Many people do not pay attention to some details of the decoration, resulting in the unsatisfactory effect of the decoration. Let's talk about some important details in the decoration of the living room for the new house.

1. Air conditioner

In the design of the position of the air outlet of the air conditioner, many designers will ignore this and do not take into account the placement of the sofa in the living room. Therefore, from the design aspect, the comfort must be taken into account, and the position of the air outlet should not blow against people. Don't face directly the sofa.

If the depth of the living room is relatively short, it is necessary to ensure that the entire space has the effect of air conditioning or heating, and the space should be placed on the short side as much as possible, so that the circulation of the entire space will be better.

If it is a concealed air conditioner, one critical detail is that the area where the air outlet is designed and the position of the air inlet should be larger than 4.9ft/1.5m, and there should be no obstructions by decorations.

2. Ceiling

In the decoration of the living room, it is not advisable to focus only on the ceiling. This depends on the specific design style. Of course, the most important point is that it should be chosen according to the height of the apartment. If the floor height is too low, it is not recommended to use the ceiling. In this way, it will appear depressing, so how to decorate the top of a unit with a relatively low floor height? It is recommended to try plaster lines, and the effect is also very good. Both modern and classical decoration styles can be selected.


3. Socket

The design location and number of sockets in the living room are critical. Many people have missed this detail, which gives them a terrible experience when all various power lines in the living room cross the space later.

There are also a couple of electrical appliances in the living room. Generally speaking, some sockets need to be designed around the place, and it is appropriate to have 5 to 6 in total. In addition, sockets must be designed next to the sofa seat to facilitate charging, which needs to be paid attention to. When designing the position of the socket, first determine the length of the sofa so that the socket position will not be blocked when the sofa gets placed in.

4. Lamps

The choice of living room lamps also needs special attention. It is recommended to choose downlights or light strips as a basic lighting, while the main light source can be chandeliers. In addition, floor lamps can be used for auxiliary lighting.

5. Entrance

The space of the entrance should be used reasonably. If the entrance is not designed, the function of the space will be missing. One issue of it will be that after the open is open, everything can be seen and there is no privacy at all, and it is really a bad experience if you have no place to keep your items after going out or inside.

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