Different space decoration features different colors

Classic means timeless.

Whether it's a new house decoration or a new look for an old home, as long as there are one or two pieces of great background furniture, it will always be simple, and can add a piece of art to your home. From now on, your home will be able to withstand the shutter of the camera lens and the scrutiny of daily life.

Below we would like to share a Swedish protagonist's home, in addition to seeing the harmonious soft outfits in different spaces and colors, it will also take you to explore many classic designs by global masters. We believe that reasonable space planning, the mix of modern and medieval classic furniture pieces can bring a lot of inspiration to many people.

Living room: good home items, creating a classic retro temperament


This home presents a spatial effect where colors and house furniture are harmoniously blended. The light green background wall creates a pleasant visual effect and a feeling of natural vitality. The dark blue fabric sofas placed side by side, as well as paintings and green plants, fully interpret the simplicity and warmth of Scandinavian design.

The living room is naturally inseparable from the classic Scandinavian design. The PH pine cone lamp on the top of the head is familiar to the public since it was imitated by IKEA. In fact, the original version was designed by the architect Paul Henningsen in 1958. It can not only hide the light source in the leaves, but also communicate with each other through the leaves. Refracts the light source, making the light softer and more balanced. The white ones include the black PK22 lounge chair, which is called "the Danish minimalist elegance model", and the comfortable and futuristic egg chair designed by Jacobsen, which are very classic and timeless home works. Bring a full artistic atmosphere to the space.

Kitchen: bright and transparent, improve the happiness index of cooking

The first impression of the kitchen is that it is bright. The cabinets are against the wall, which maximizes the lighting of the two windows. The light color system from the ceiling to the floor also makes the space look brighter and brighter. Appropriate embellishment of green plants increases life. The natural vitality of space.

The dining chair selected is the Y-back chair CH24, which is based on the Chinese Ming Dynasty chair. It can be said that it is the chair we are most familiar with. This chair was designed by Danish designer Hans Wagner in the middle of the last century. Its light and elegant shape has made it the object of imitation by many brands, and it is still seen in many people's home spaces.


Wrap the range hood in the cabinet, and then the cabinet is really high-grade and Nordic in gray. There are also some details that are worth referring to, such as the lighting under the wall cabinet, the sink below the countertop, and the spacious aisle, which are all good designs to improve the happiness index of cooking.

In the black-and-white restaurant, just relying on the golden chandelier and the yellow Snoopy lamp from Flos creates a literary and retro temperament, and the color brings appetite to the space. The dining chairs in the separate dining area are also very classic, commonly known as "standard chairs", which seem simple but not so simple.

Bedroom: Colors match objects to create a soft beauty

Want to make your bedroom space more relaxing? Soft beige walls, grey fabric bedding, silk lamps on the ceiling, brass Atollo table lamps, these home works half a century ago now seem to be placed in a modern and minimalist space. It does not violate the harmony, and jointly creates a romantic and healing home atmosphere.

Blue, no matter the shade, is a common background color in bedroom spaces. For innocent children, light blue is full of imagination as broad as the sea, and it is not easy to get tired of it regardless of age. In addition, what is impressive here is that almost every home blogger has the Swedish String storage system, which can connect the bookshelf and desk functions into one, with only a few strokes, simple and durable, and reveals a sense of design. , It can be said that it is very suitable for children's rooms to cultivate children's storage awareness.

The pink bedroom looks very romantic, and it has always been the color of the room for cute girls. The collision with the blue carpet and black curtains makes the room more stable, and the white String wall shelf is more flexible against the background of fans. There is also a desk by the window, with a classic Eames metal injection chair, simple and not simple.

The cloakroom is the place that needs to be combined most according to personal preferences and needs. No matter whether it is open or not, as long as you are comfortable with it. In this home, the white tone with the dark blue carpet is clean and refreshing, and the combination of hanging rails and shelf drawers can accommodate large and small clothes. What I want to say is that we can also learn to use the same color hangers, which can make the wardrobe look neater and more beautiful. The diamond chair by the window is also a classic American furniture born in the middle of the last century. It has the most impossible shape of a seat, but it is very artistic and comfortable to sit, just like sitting in the air.

Bathroom: black and white elements, the visual effect is cleaner


This is a simple and ordinary bathroom, without too much design, it is fresh and clean. But there are also bright spots, frameless mirror + mirror cabinet, which effectively enlarges the space and is a very friendly design for small bathrooms. White small square bricks are matched with white sanitary ware, which is elegant and simple, while black bottles and cans and hand towels are embellished, adding a sense of life and luxury.

Entrance: Efficient use of walls, reducing sanitary dead corners

This porch belongs to the kind of friendly design that shows all the desired functions and is very easy to clean. It is still the classic tones of Nordic black, white and gray, and the owner's beloved skateboard is displayed on a wooden frame, which is eye-catching. Of course, there are also classic home design works, such as wooden balls + wire multi-functional hooks, PH chandeliers, and AJ table lamps, which create a relaxed atmosphere.


Good looking and functional furniture can make life easier. Furniture with a more sense of design can light up the atmosphere of the entire space in details. Though you do not have buy all of them need, it is not necessary to remodel the home either. Sometimes, adding a classic piece to the home can just do the job.

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