Details of bathroom decoration that need your special attention

As it goes the devil is in the details, this saying cannot be more right, especially for decoration. Sometimes you miss a small detail, which will eventually affect living at home. Let's take the bathroom decoration as an example.

Now more and more people have chosen the separation of dry and wet, but in addition, we still need to pay attention to more details. Only if you have taken care of them all, there might be much trouble in the future. This issue is like a decoration novice sharing his or her own skills, and regardless of the size of the bathroom, it is always recommended to do these decoration details, which is quite practical for your home!

1. Alcove storage design

When decorating the bathroom, we must make niches, which will increase the happiness of your home and help you store more items, especially in the sink and bathing area. By designing niches, we can tidy up all the toiletries. Put it in there, and there will be no clutter.

And it is more convenient for us to clean up, just rinse it with clean water, being really very practical.

Of course, if your bathroom has been renovated, we can use the space on the wall and install a triangle storage rack to get more storage, which can be installed directly for its hole-free design.


2. Dry and wet areas separation

Some bathrooms have a glass shower room, which separates the dry area and the wet area. The whole bathroom will not get wet when you take a shower with the floor and walls dry. It is also very convenient to change clothes after taking a shower. The shower curtain is much higher, but it is more practical. Don't worry that the shower curtain will stick to the body and cause some discomfort.

If the bathroom does not come with a shower room, the whole of it will get wet after a shower. It is very inconvenient to change the pants, which may get wet accidentally. I believe many people have the experience of this, even the walls are and cannot be touched, or else the clothes will get wet too. So, it is necessary to separate wet and dry in the bathroom. The easiest way to achieve this is to use shower curtain plus water retaining strip, which is low in cost and can separate wet and dry areas, and is very suitable for decoration budget. For budget-limited house owners, this method could be a good option.

3. Anti-slip handle

The safety of the bathroom is the top priority. For families with the elderly, it is recommended to prepare for non-slip, and do not put things on the floor of the bathroom to prevent tripping. In addition, such a non-slip handle can be installed in the bathing place, so that the elderly can have a place to support, prevent the bathing from being exhausted, and be safer and more reliable.

It is also necessary to install it by the toilet. There are elderly people at home who are constipated, and their legs are numb when sitting on the toilet for a long time. It is convenient and safe to stand up easily.

4. Anti-mildew and moisture-proof

As a place for daily washing, the bathroom must have a good waterproof and drainage system, and the drainage mainly depends on the floor drain. Moreover, the floor drain must be deodorized, so that the odor in the bathroom can be prevented, so that you will no longer be troubled by the odor in the bathroom.

The bathroom, especially in humid weather, is prone to mold and blackening, and mold is produced. You can use a beauty sealant to apply it, which can renovate the bathroom and say goodbye to mold. And the key is that it can be well waterproof, mildew-proof and moisture-proof after beautiful sewing!

5. Tiles

In addition to deodorant floor drains, tiles are also one of the indispensable elements of the bathroom. And now the quality of tiles on the market is uneven, so for safety, my suggestion is to choose tiles with environmentally friendly materials. In addition, choose tiles with anti-slip function.

After talking about the choice of tiles, let's talk about the water absorption of tiles. We all know that in the bathroom, the floor can easily accumulate water. If the tiles we buy are highly absorbent, it will easily cause mildew inside the tiles. Over time, the tiles will be pushed open and fall off the original floor.

Now there are large and small tiles on the market, how should we choose the tiles for the bathroom? Generally speaking, the choice of bathroom tiles is recommended to choose 30 × 30. Because there are some cesspools and so on under the toilet, which causes the slope of the toilet to be different. The tile size is smaller, which can reduce the difficulty of construction during decoration.

6. Position of the floor drain

The design of the bathroom floor drain is the most important, as it is directly related to the drainage of your bathing area, and will prevent odor releasing. In the process of decoration, we should design the floor drain at the lowest position, so that it can drain quickly and use more convenient.

It will be a bad idea to have the floor drain in the middle, which will easily cause water accumulation. In the long run, the bathroom will not only be wet, but also have the mildew problem.

To live a comfortable life, we can design a long floor drain in the bathroom to increase the drainage speed without clogging.

That's all for the details of bathroom decoration, and hopefully it can be of some help to you.

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