A Nordic-inspired home design

Color is something that cannot be explained clearly in words, but the heart will tell you the truest feeling. 

In home furnishing, we often use colors to mark areas, divide functional modules, or create different atmospheres. Below we would like to share a Nordic-inspired home with warm brown tones and pleasant colors that make you feel more comfortable.

A few words to describe this heroine's home: soft, simple, warm. With the combination of colors and soft clothes, people reminiscent of the gentle situation where the sun melts and penetrates the earth. It is calm and reassuring to walk into her home together.

Dining room: White and brown complement each other to make eating more enjoyable


Brown tone is a very temperamental color, and looks very gentle in the home space. From the white of the ceiling, the soft brown paint of the wall, to the natural wooden brown tone of the furniture floor, the large area of brown, under the refraction of light, the shade changes bring a warm, harmonious, reassuring and comfortable atmosphere.

The whole dining area is decorated with brown tones of different materials, creating an elegant and warm environment. The bookcase to the top is decorated as the background wall of the restaurant, and the cabinet with a similar color to the wall is also more atmospheric. Amid the muted brown tones, warmth speaks to the existence of time.

The soft furnishings in this area are pleasing to the eye. This chandelier hanging from the ceiling is the work of famous lighting designer Gino Sarfatti in 1958, but it looks elegant and timeless today. What makes this lamp special is its beautiful symmetry and complete large chandelier. Candlestick shape. With a long wooden table, the natural wood texture makes people feel warm and comfortable. There is also a dining chair with a woven seat surface, which is light and airy so that the chair does not look bulky. Coupled with the color embellishment of flowers and pillows, it is particularly warm.


The fireplace is a retro feature in Nordic homes, and the area centered on it is often a place where people like to stay for a long time. Decorate with flower candlesticks, put 2 soft sofa chairs, and sit and lean under Flos' fishing lights, which makes people feel warm and comfortable.

The cabinets in this kitchen are very simple, and the handles are also hidden in the lines. The bright light tones cannot be harmoniously blended with the large brown tones of the dining room, but can also bring bright vitality, which is really moving and wants to have.

Living room: gentle collocation makes the space elegant and calm

The walls, sofas, and pillows are all soft and light colors, creating a light and refreshing feeling, which will make people feel more relaxed in the depths. The embellishment of black and colorful small ornaments adds a sense of layering and texture, making it appear more dynamic and not lifeless. The lily-of-the-valley floor lamp next to the sofa is basically a classic design imitated by various home furnishing brands.


Compared with the dining and kitchen space, this living room has a relatively narrow space and a special location. One side is the kitchen and one bedroom, and it is located at the intersection of the regional spaces. Because there is no separate window, the method here is to communicate between the guests and meals through the white door frame and skirting without doors, making it more transparent visually.

Bedroom: Consistent colors add a sense of comfort

The whole piece of light brown minimalist wardrobe is unified with the color of the wall, which visually stretches the sense of space and makes the ceiling height more spacious. With the solid wood floor, it is simple and warm. In addition, there is also a TV in the master bedroom, which is very comfortable and comfortable to watch TV while lying down.

In this small room, because there are windows, I don't feel depressed, and the neutral main color of soft and hard decoration adds a sense of comfort. The black storage compartments are stacked like Tetris, making full use of the storage space on the wall, so as not to waste and not appear crowded.

Bathroom: grasp the details to make comfort even better

The cabinets in this home space continue the minimalism of neat and simple lines. The bathroom cabinet without handles and the slender one-piece countertop look more concise and cleaner against the natural marble texture. In addition, the design of dry and wet separation is also more distinctive. The semi-partition of glass + solid wall looks better and more practical. The niche design in the shower space also fully meets the storage needs. It can be said that the overall effect is more in line with the preferences of the current people, and also caters to the current trend.

Entrance: The stitching design is beautiful and neat

It is a common practice to use floor splicing of different materials to distinguish between the entrance area and the aisle. Whether the wooden floor or the tiles are brown, you can feel an elegant atmosphere as soon as you enter the door, which is also unified with the color tone of the entire space, and the overall effect is more advanced.

Whenever I see classic home in different homes and present their own personality under the master's careful layout, I feel really happy.

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