The beautiful and practical card seat

Advantages of card seats

High aesthetics: The design of the card seat is simple and generous, the form diverse and eclectic, and the plasticity is stronger than the traditional dining chair, which can create a richer atmosphere for the lifestyle.


Great functions: From a visual point of view, the card seat can replace the wall, partition, traditional table and chairs, making the home more transparent and tidier, and provides the function of storage, especially suitable for small house decoration.


Wide application: The card seat has a wide range of applications, and both large and small rooms can be designed with one. For small rooms it can effectively save space, and with large ones it can divide different functional areas more clearly.


How to design the wall card seats in different spaces?

Living room: wall card seat + sofa

The card seat can replace the bulky sofa in the living room, so that the limited space can be fully utilized, and the fresh and elegant atmosphere is more suitable for the rhythm of the modern city.


Entrance: wall card seat + shoe cabinet

The entrance is designed in the form of a combination cabinet of card seats, which is composed of a shoe cabinet + a card seat + a wardrobe, meeting multiple functional requirements at the same time. By combining the shoe stool and storage, it can not only serve as storage, hold shoes, but also is convenient for the elderly at home and children to change shoes. At the same time, it can be smartly combined with the dining room, combing both practicality and aesthetics, more visually layered, and more convenient to use.


Dining room: card seat + wall design

The card seat uses the corner space for wall design, so that the overall space occupied by the dining table and chairs is reduced, and the dining chairs are replaced with benches.


Dining room: wall card seat + partition

Small apartment design often creates a depressing visual sense for us due to crowding. The card seat partition can not only divide the space, but will also block little of the light. As a partition of the space, it can provide an additional dining table spot. With chandeliers and green plants on the table, you can create a full sense of home ritual.


Dining room: wall card seat + cabinet

While solving the problems of dining and office, the card seat can increase the storage space out of nothing, which not only makes the space layout more reasonable, but also adds functions such as dining and leisure.

The card seat + cabinet can make full use of every space in the home, and the combination can extend the limited functions of the local space.


Open kitchen: wall card seat + overall design

In an open-styled kitchen, the integrated design of the card seat, wine cabinet, sideboard and more can add more practical functions, solve the problem of insufficient operating space, and at the same time enrich the layering of the space, greatly improving the style of the home.


Leisure area: wall card seat + bay window

Combine the booth design with the bay window in the bedroom to create a leisure corner and create an atmosphere of leisure.

The low-height bay window is a ready-made wall card seat, which not only saves the floor space, but also expands the storage. Whether it is an afternoon nap, reading leisure, office entertainment, storage and organization, the wall card seat at bay window is an ideal spot, which can meet our needs according to local conditions.


The wall card seat has been gradually on trend. The overall style is fresh, fashionable and urban. It is very popular among young people, widely used in modern home design, giving people a warm and comfortable intimacy as well as improving the quality of life.

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