Small bedroom storage strategy: maximize the potential space and still keep it tidy

With the coming of summer, the seasonal storage difficulties come one after another. For small-sized families, the most troublesome headache is the bedroom storage.

Clothes, bedding, and other sundries are in great quantities, but the space is rather limited. Improper storage can make the bedroom crowded and cluttered.

How to use every inch of space smartly to the extreme without affecting the neatness and beauty of the bedroom? The editor has listed some storage tips for you, and we hope you can find a satisfactory answer from it.

1. Bedside space, all-round use of everything

The bed is the one piece that occupies the largest volume in the bedroom. We can fully utilize the bed itself and the space around the bed, so that bed covers, quilts, seasonal clothes, and messy gadgets have a place to hide, so as to achieve the expansion of the bedroom storage space.


Storage bed. The multifunctional bed with lockers is very suitable for small apartments. It not only saves space, but also with the hidden locker below it provides a very powerful storage. The bedding and clothes that are not commonly used can be placed in it.


Bedside table. A bedside table is basically arranged by the bedside. In order to increase the storage space, choose a bedside table with a storage function.

Not only can it be used to store some sundries such as magazines that some people prefer to read before sleep, but it can also be used to decorate the overall space with bouquets and lighting on the countertop.


Headboard. The storage function of the headboard should not to be underestimated. Choose the one with a shelf for books, alarm clocks or family photos, adding a unique, personal touch to the bed and the entire bedroom.

Space under the bed. If the bed has no storage function, then there will be a lot of space under the bed. You can use two or three storage baskets to sort and put the small items in the bedroom. And then they can be neatly arranged under the bed. It not only saves space, but also is easy to take any of them when you need. Before purchasing storage tools, be sure to measure the size of the space under the bed.


Bedside cabinet. Large wardrobes seem to have great storage capacity, but the bulky shape is not practical for small apartments. Combination cabinets of different heights can be arranged at the end of the bed against the wall to create a sense of neatness.

The simple-style storage boxes can be used together to help effectively divide the drawer layout, and small accessories such as socks, underwear, scarves, etc., which are typically a headache but can be easily organized.

2. Wall space, broken down into different storage


Shelving. The more flexible shelving is the best choice for wall organizers. It doesn't take up much space, but can provide a good place for many small things.

The shelves can be placed in a random pattern, which will enrich the layering of the space, and add some decorations to create an eye-catching landscape.


Small square cabinet. There is a large space for complete storage of bedroom items, and the storage can be broken down into parts by cells.

A small square cabinet can be placed above the bed, which is neat and orderly. With beautiful mirror decorations, it not only increases the storage space for the bedroom, but also has the effect of instant visual magnification.

3.  Use the window suitable for storage and rest


The window sill can not only expand the space of the room, but also can be a small storage place. Create a seat with drawers along the window sill and extend to both ends of the wall to subtly lengthen the storage space.

The chest of drawers should be minimalist in design, with objects or storage boxes inside. With beautiful cushions and leisure pillows, flowers and green plants and photos are placed on the windowsill, and there you have a neat and comfortable rest corner.


If the window sill space is small, a storage cabinet with a suitable height can be placed along the sill. We can not only place objects in the cabinet, but also some decorative items on it.

Or make full use of the corner on one side of the window sill for storage, place a wall cabinet or an open wardrobe, and only make simple storage or decoration on the window sill to make this small space look neater and comfortable.

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