Small apartment storage design ideas


1. People-oriented

Design exists because of people's lives. The storage design of small-sized space is to make the life of different groups of people more convenient and comfortable according to their occupations, educational backgrounds and hobbies. Besides achieving convenience, more attention should be paid to the people-oriented conception, the design of the storage space should be coordinated with the residential space, and the principle of proximity should be used to classify and store different items. While achieving convenience, safety, fashion, and comfort, we should pay more attention to putting people's needs first. Designers should follow ergonomics and design according to the user's height, to make it really convenient. It must also conform to the user's identity, living and behavioral habits, and meet their needs to the greatest extent as much as possible. Through reasonable storage space design, improve each functional space, maximize the space function, and create a more comfortable and convenient space for the owner to truly put people at first.

2. Ensure the integrity of the space

The area of the small apartment is relatively small. Before designing the storage space, it is necessary to fully make a plan with the residential space reasonably. Do not divide the indoor space into many partitions, ensure the integrity of each space, and improve the overall acceptance rate of indoor space. For example, as there is often insufficient space in the dining room in a small apartment, then a mini bar can be designed at the corner of, or on the side of the wall.  At the same time for storage, it can achieve both the integrity of storage and layout. In the design of small-sized storage space, we must take the openness and integrity as the fist consideration, and take practicality and beauty as our responsibility.

3. Maximize the use of various spaces

The essence of small apartment storage design lies in the maximum utilization of various spaces, and the waste of scattered space will reduce the actual utilization of space. In the storage design, horizontal storage, vertical storage and interactive storage can be used to expand the potential of storage space in a limited space and maximize the use of limited space. How to create unlimited functions in a limited space, and meet the owner's preference? The difficulty is not in the small area, but in mastering the sense of spatial hierarchy and breaking through the limitations of space. In order to get more light sources and exterior scenery, the living room can be rearranged to a position closer to the light source, and the kitchen can also be moved to be separated from the bathroom and merged with the dining room.

4. Ensure the suitability of the space

Design is not static. Every good design is different from different people and adapts to local conditions. Design should vary from person to person and local conditions. When designing the storage space, the applicability of the storage design in life should be fully considered, and the storage space should be designed according to the living habits of the users, such as the storage space for clothes. It is also necessary to take into account the different needs of the elderly and children; at the same time, according to the actual situation of different families, if there are disabled people at home, pay more attention to users with disabilities, and set up barrier-free storage settings for them, so that they can take clothes more safely, freely and conveniently.

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