Peg board, the king for small room storage

I don't know why the home area can never keep up with the complete stuff. Especially for families with babies, there are really a lot of things that need to be stored at home, and it is very troublesome to organize. After having children, the parents often have to worry about decoration and storage.

What the editor is going to share today is a storage design that is very suitable for small apartments - peg boards. For small apartments, storage has always been a very important concern. Peg boards are not only storage artifacts, but also good looks when used well, really useful for small apartments!

The important thing is that everyone understands what the peg board looks like.

Speaking of the peg board, it was first used as a practical hanging board in garages and workshops. In recent years, home designers have greatly transformed this tool. Now there are various materials for peg boards, such as wood, plastic, iron plate and stainless steel. There are also various colors that can be matched according to your home style. After they are of better and better appearance, the popularity has risen rapidly.


 Wherever the hole board hangs, it is the king of storage

The peg board is more common in the study room, and some hooks, various calendars, notepads, and more can be placed on the peg board.

The kitchen is also a place that lacks storage. All kinds of tableware, kitchen utensils, seasonings are commonly used. You can use peg boards and partitions to make these things neatly placed on the wall.


Large items in the laundry room can also be stored, and a peg board in the wall is not as simple as just storing small items. A large number of clothes and ironing stations can be racked on the peg board, freeing up a lot of space for a small laundry room.


If there is a cloakroom in your home, I believe you will also use the peg board there. All kinds of clothing and sundries have a place go.


If there is already a shoe cabinet at the entrance, you can nail a small peg board on the top and put small items such as keys, earphones, watches, so that you are no longer afraid of leaving things behind when you go out.


When I want to work from home, I found my desktop was messy. It's better to hang a perg board in front of the table to hold all the knickknacks and tools. If you are a neat and tidy person, you will surely feel better!


For the hands-on tech people, there's also a place for a big box of tools. Compared with the concealment of the cabinet, the peg board is of more display and order.

For a Virgo hands-on person, it is even better. Their tools can be neatly arranged, and the wall full of various tools really gives them a sense of accomplishment.


There is no need to worry about the storage of toiletries. Hang several partitions on the peg board, and cosmetics, toothbrushes and other items will not be a problem, and then two more hooks to hang towels, which can quickly transform it into a powerful storage cabinet!


More creative pegboards

For wooden pegboard, it is more used as home decoration. The small green plants on the balcony seem to be a natural pair with the wooden pegboard, and the practical decorative idea is perfect!


If you are ingenious can care most about appearance, this is your time to shine. Weave the desired pattern with colored threads, and the simple white peg board instantly becomes a unique and eye-catching decorative wall.


By adding a small wooden stick to the peg board, you can directly hang small objects such as keys. The partition is a simple shelf as well, and you can change the position according to the items at will, it is more convenient to organize!


The shape of the peg board is not limited, and the uniquely shaped and creative peg board itself is really a landscape.


Clean the peg board

Many people worry that the peg board is easy to accumulate dust and difficult to clean. It's actually not quite as you think! If the dust is not much, you can just get rid of it with a vacuum cleaner, so you don't have to worry too much!


Due to the material, wooden pegboard is delicate and cannot be wet with water. Usually, use a soft brush to clean it, or dust it with a wool duster. You have to take care of the pegboard you choose!

Special reminder, for the kitchen in the hardest-hit areas of oil smoke, it is recommended to use a peg board for the lazy guys who rarely cook twice a week.


There are a lot of things that need to be stored in the house, and not easy to organize. It is better to hang them with peg boards, which look good no matter how you place them!

No matter how large the home, it is always great to have more storage space. If you make good use of the space on the wall with a peg board, the home will definitely be very neat and spacious.

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