How to make the most sturdy wood ceiling

Wood ceiling is a very strict thing in home decoration, with its safety, quality and environmental protection, which are both true both before and after the construction. In order to make the ceiling stronger, it is necessary to use wood strips around the ceiling to fix it. But people have different opinions whether it is good or not, so how can the wood ceiling be done better?


In home decoration, wood ceilings are very delicate work. A little carelessness can easily cause the ceilings to slip down, not to mention that the ceilings are supposed to last for a long time. Therefore, we recommend doing the following when making wood ceilings:

1. Select the right materials

The materials used in the wood ceiling process are all solid wood strips, and the transverse cross-sectional is a square with a length of 2-3 cm. The materials are mostly light-weight wood such as fir. For the more reliable of the wooden hole ceiling, it is necessary to choose light weight wood.

2. Strengthen the process

In terms of construction technology, you need to pay attention to the wood process in wood ceiling, especially the fit of the wood strips. It is also necessary to check the construction technology of the ceiling construction, the entire ceiling layout and the bearing capacity of the space structure, and the bearing capacity of the ceiling.

3. Details

The details of the wood ceiling are very important, such as the timber structure, the construction method of suspended ceiling, the connection of the wood strips. Bearing capacity of suspended ceiling and the height of the wood ceiling to wait are the problems on detail, which only experienced carpentry is qualified for.

4. Make the corners

When it comes to wood ceilings, most people may pay more attention to the whole ceiling, and they always ignore the edges and corners, especially the edge sealing. Most people do simple edge sealing, but the experienced worker from the decoration company will reinforce the edge of the wall, and seal the edge in the end.

Before making wood ceilings, the decoration company will measure the length, width and height of the entire space according to the apartment or house structure, and adjust the ceiling height according to the adaptability of modern family living. Some decoration companies may keep the ceiling height, but professional companies will pay special attention to the height of the ceiling.

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