How to expand a small bathroom?

For the "expansion" of a bathroom with a smaller area, it can be briefly considered in terms of the usable area and the storage area. The following are the editor's suggestions:

1. Expansion of the usable area

"Invading" other areas, "looting" the area to "expand" the use area of the smaller bathroom, it can "take out" the washing area in the bathroom if that conditions permit and the original bathroom area remains basically unchanged. The way of putting it into "adjacent or other areas"  makes it form a state of "same functional area but different space", which reduces the area pressure in the original toilet and improves the convenience of use; The area of the adjacent area, the way to "enlarge" the bathroom as a whole, can relieve the cramped feeling of the space to a certain extent, and make it more comfortable, and each "functional partition"  still stayed in it, which will make the home feel more comfortable. Better regularity, but if there are more family members and fewer bathrooms, the convenience of using the bathroom may be compromised, with this taking into account. Combining the number of resident members of the family, the living habits, and the bathroom at home quantity, etc.


However, when using this method, we think it should be noted that the normal use of the occupied area should not be affected. If the washbasin is moved out, it should be as close as possible to the sewer pipe to reduce the probability of blockage.

2. Expansion of the storage area

In a bathroom with a small area, I think that the expansion of the storage area should use the attached type of the wall, the plug-in type of the gap, and the aided type of the finished storage tool. It is suitable, and while improving the space utilization rate, it will not increase the burden of the floor area of the bathroom.

① Dependent type. Combined with the usage habits of users in the bathroom, the height of common users, the matching with other functions, the usable area of the wall, the detachable modification of the wall, the masonry of the wall, the wrapping method of the pipeline, etc. The wall is suspended in a suitable position, such as mirror cabinets (which need to be matched with the setting position of the washstand), storage shelves, storage cabinets, "open" storage compartments, niches (generally through or with bricks). Build wrapped pipes, or build new brick walls in the bathroom, or dismantle and modify the walls to achieve the purpose of setting up niches), racks, storage boxes and other forms of storage tools, which do not occupy the floor area. To achieve the effect of expanding the storage area.

Using the thickness of the convex wall that appears when the hanging toilet is installed, a shelf is set up, which increases the storage area of the bathroom and effectively avoids the occurrence of bumps.

② Plug-in. When there is a gap between the functional partitions and the size is suitable for setting up storage tools, I think it can be considered to insert in the gap position combined with the size of the gap area, functional requirements, usage habits of common bathroom users, common bathroom users Choose a suitable storage tool to expand the storage area of the bathroom, and use the wasted area without adding a burden to the smaller bathroom or hindering the normal operation of other functions. use.


▲The thinner storage cabinet makes use of the gap between the washing machine and the washbasin, and expands the storage area of the bathroom.

③ With help. With the help of finished storage tools that are more convenient to move, replace, and discard such as shelves and storage boxes, the upper area of toilets, washing machines, washbasins and other functions can be used to achieve expansion of the bathroom storage area. The effect is to repeated use of the same area, without adding extra area burden to the small bathroom.


The above are the editor's suggestions and opinions on how to expand the bathroom with a small area. Combined with the habits, preferences, functional requirements of bathroom users, the adjacent area of the bathroom or the area of other areas where the washstand can be set, choose the one that suits your home. We hope the article can be of some help to you, thanks!

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