How to choose the floor for home decoration?

There are many brands of flooring on the market, most of which may be unheard or unknown to us, so when choosing flooring, don’t just ask the brand, but choose the flooring according to the actual quality:


1. Texture

First of all, we need to look at the texture of the floor to judge whether it is good or bad. Some floors have a regular texture, which is beautiful and delicate texture, and is of the top grade. Do not choose the floor surface with messy and irregular texture, because the quality of the type of floor is relatively poor.

2. Color

Generally, the floor has a natural color, and the clear wood grain can be seen by the naked eye, just like the wook grain furniture. For example, if the floor color is darker and the paint layer is thick, it is very likely that the manufacturer is trying to cover up some bad defects of the surface, so you've got to pay attention to this type of floor.

3. Hardness

When choosing the floor, we can choose some relatively hard floors, because the quality of the hard floor is better, and we can gently slide on it with our fingers. If there is a deep mark, it means the hardness of the floor is not enough.

4. Check the cracks

Some medium and low-grade floors on the market may have cracks, but the cracks are not very deep. Some of them are inherent between the grains of the original wood when they are produced, and this kind of crack will not get worse to extend, but some others can go through the grain, and this kind of crack is of serious quality problem, so you must buy the them cautiously.

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