How to choose the color of the wall for new house decoration?

In the decoration of a new family house, many people will choose latex paint for wall decoration. There are so many colors that people can't choose. So which one is more beautiful and which is more suitable for you? Today we are going to introduce a few for you to choose from.


1. White latex paint

For the decoration of walls, white latex paint is the most common, and no matter what area it is used in, it can always bring a good decorative effect, and white is also very versatile, which will not look too special in decoration. It brings people a very refreshing and clean feeling. Generally, it is like a minimalist style decoration. White latex paint is a very choice. If you want the style to be more prominent, you can also use logs or other materials to match the decoration.

In addition, if the white latex paint is stained for a long time, it can be repaired directly. It is very troublesome to match it with other colors. Therefore, white latex paint has become the most acceptable color for most people.

2. Light blue latex paint

This kind of latex paint is more common in hotels or guesthouses. Generally, there are more decorations in themed hotels. The light blue latex paint can create a feeling of blue sky and sea, and in home decoration projects, it can be used on the wall decoration of the children's room.

3. Light yellow latex paint

This warm color always gives people a warm feeling. If the wall is painted with this color in the new house decoration, it can create a warm atmosphere, with a strong home feeling, and the visual sense is also very good. Then the use of other Color home decoration accessories, such as blue or white, will also show a good feeling, and many friends use light yellow or beige for decoration in the bedroom, which is also a good choice and can bring a sense of tranquility.

4. Light gray latex paint

People who use light gray latex paint for wall decoration have a great personality, and they all have a calm heart; indeed, gray that has been used properly can create a high-level feeling. In the home nowadays it is also very popular in decoration, the texture is very superior, the overall feeling is neutral, and it will not look deserted. The decoration style like the Nordic one is very suitable for this kind of color. In addition to different colors of the home, the space in the color will not appear monotonous, and the senses are also very durable.

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