How to choose home wallpaper?

Home wallpaper is widely used in the renovation of old houses and the decoration of second-hand houses, as well as in new house decoration and indoor furniture selection. However, when choosing them, many people get inferior wallpapers because they didn't pay attention to the selection. Their colors are not good and this is the result of not having pre-prepared homework. When choosing wallpapers, you should pay attention to the following:


1. Check the wallpaper appearance

Different types of wallpaper have different appearance characteristics. You can judge whether it is an inferior product by judging its appearance. When purchasing, you can check whether the surface of the wallpaper has a color difference, whether it is flat, whether the surface pattern is clear, and whether the edges are neat. By judging these small details, you can identify the quality of the wallpaper.

2. Test the environmental friendliness of wallpaper

It is actually very simple to detect the environmental protection function of wallpaper. You can burn a piece of it to see if the remains are gray-black powder. If so, it means that the wallpaper is made of pure plant fiber, which is more environmentally friendly; if black smoke appears and there are curled black blocks, it is made of chemical substances, which is relatively poor in environmental protection.

3. Test the stain resistance

Generally, children like to paint everywhere with a pen, so the wallpaper is required to have better anti-fouling ability. You can use a pencil to write on the surface of the wallpaper and then erase it with an eraser to check if the wallpaper has residues. If the residues can be easily wiped off, and the surface of the wallpaper does not discolor or lint, it proves that the anti-fouling of the wallpaper is better.

4. Test the abrasion resistance

There are often scratching problems with walls, so the wear resistance of wallpaper is required to be good. You can use a key or something made of metal to gently scratch the wallpaper to see if it is easily scratched. It should be noted that due to different raw materials, some environmentally friendly pure paper wallpapers have weak wear resistance and need to be avoided from artificial scratches. Therefore, when choosing wallpapers, it is necessary to weigh whether to focus on environmental protection or wear resistance.

5. Test the waterproofness of the wallpaper

The waterproofness is very important, because it is inevitable that liquid will somehow be spilled on the wall after staying in, and if the surface of the wallpaper has been waterproofed, it can effectively prevent water penetration. When checking the waterproof performance of the wallpaper, you can drip on the surface. Take a drop of water and see if the water will penetrate. If it penetrates immediately, it means that the waterproof performance of the wallpaper is very poor, so be careful when choosing.

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