How to best arrange furniture to save space?

After a new house has just been renovated, how should the furniture be placed? Many people will choose to "follow the feeling", just put it casually, but they ignore the tricks of furniture placement, and "check the following details" will achieve a multiplier effect!

Symmetry - the sense of order

Symmetrical placement is the easiest way to save space and express a sense of order. Take the table and chair arrangement as an example: place two on each side of the table, one on the front and another on the rear side, and place them in symmetrical positions at the same distance, then you can surely feel the sense of symmetry and order.


Coordination - Balance

Furniture is the focus of the whole room. It is very important whether the placement of furniture can be coordinated with the interior style. Taking a large inner building within a building as an example, due to the open space and appropriate matching, it should have the large and stylish furniture, with marble floors and curtains hanging from the ceiling to the ground, showing the momentum of the space.


Parallelism - Symmetry

If the space lines and furniture lines can be parallel to each other, such as the window frame borders being parallel to each other or visually continuous, the lines of the entire space can be relatively regular, so it is unlikely to produce complicated and staggered lines. When laying out multiple cabinets, if a contour line can be formed between the ceiling and the top of the cabinets, and the height difference between them is small, it will be more appropriate of matching.


In addition, if it can be matched with the upper edge of the window frame, the top of the door, or the picture frame on the wall even just faintly connected, it will be a decoration that won't go wrong.

Proportion - Comfort

Spaces with small areas or low ceilings are usually suitable for small or low furniture, which can reduce the pressure caused by insufficient ceiling height or narrow space of the room. Place larger pieces of furniture in large areas, as small pieces of furniture can go unnoticed as they can be ignored with the relatively large interior space.


The space is large, and there are naturally more pieces of furniture to be put in, but sometimes takes only a single piece of furniture with a sense of design, which will create a quite different feeling.

In the entire furniture layout, symmetry, coordination, parallelism and appropriate proportions save not only space, but also bring a different sensory experience to the visual effect of the entire house, improving the style of the house and the comfort of living.

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