8 super practical tips for kitchen renovation

8 pieces of super practical tips for kitchen decoration, the last one is the most important, I will give it to you who are renovating, so that your kitchen decoration will no longer step on the pit, not spend unjustly money, but also pretend to be high-end.


1. If the size of the door opening in the kitchen is sufficient, do not install a flat door, because it is inconvenient to enter or exit, and the opening and closing door still takes up space. It is recommended to install a sliding door with a hanging rail. Though there is a disadvantage of possible stumbling, the hanging rail is really convenient. There is no need to install door stones at the door step, and just lay the tiles directly. Not only is it hygienic and easy to take care of, but it can also make the house look grander and classier. In addition, install top stabilizers to prevent derailment.

2. It is recommended to use 40 x 80 cm wall tiles for the kitchen, which is the most cost-effective. In addition, you can try vertical stickers, the effect will actually be better, and there is another advantage to sticking tiles like this. Some kitchens are relatively small, only five or six square meters. Then choose the floor cabinet and the hanging cabinet, which is basically blocked, and a few bricks cannot be visible. It is too expensive to use large bricks. Vertical sticking can effectively reduce the gap between the tiles in the middle of the kitchen cabinet, which is convenient for cleaning. It is also grander. It can feature the texture of large bricks and the price is acceptable. If you make a beautiful seam similar to the color of the wall tiles, the effect will be even better.

3. Regarding the gypsum board ceiling and the aluminum gusset ceiling, there have always been different opinions on the Internet. Personally, if you often cook at home, use the aluminum gusset ceiling. The cost performance ratio of 30 x 60 version is relatively high. If you prefer something with better appearance, you can use a large honeycomb panel, which looks good and can be cleaned up quite easily. If you do not often cook at home, you can choose a gypsum board ceiling, and apply a layer of moisture-proof latex paint on the outer layer, and the effect is also very good. But no matter what ceiling you choose, as long as you cook somethings at home, I suggest you choose a range hood at a similar price, otherwise it will not be a good long-term solution.

4. For hanging cabinets, you have to install the ceiling first and then install the hanging cabinets, so that the effect is the best, and it is also convenient for construction. When installing the hanging cabinet, you must get it on the top, don't leave an extra foothold for oil fume, and make sure that it fits perfectly, and the installation between the ceiling and the hanging cabinet must be seamless. Don't waste the space under the hanging cabinet. You can make a partition to increase the storage in the kitchen, and put the usual dishes and condiments there. The height is supposed to be just parallel to the line of sight, which is easy to find, and it is easy for you to pick up items.

5. The height of the cabinet countertop should be calculated according to the height of the cook. If the budget is sufficient, you can make a liftable countertop. Remember to make the inner water-blocking edge integrated in an arc shape, so that there will be no oil leakage, no sanitary dead corners, and it will be very convenient to clean. Or you can directly use the tiles to narrow the seam closely enough. It is not recommended to use the latex water retaining strip or the glass glue to close the seams. Because after a long time, it is easy to mold and turn black, which will become particularly ugly. In addition, it is not recommended that you do the outer water retaining edge. After making a water retaining edge, the chopping board will not be placed flat, and the clanging sound of vegetables or meat will make everyone feel uncomfortable. For material, the first choice is quartz stone, with a thickness of at least 15 mm. Its characteristics are anti-fouling and wear-resistant, long service life, and very easy to identify. You just take a key and scratch it on it, if there is no scratch, it will do. Or else if there are obvious scratches, don't buy it.

6. It is recommended to choose the material of stainless steel 304 for the vegetable washbasin. Try to make it as an under-counter basin. If there is water on the countertop, just wipe it with a cloth. There will be no troubles like the center basin that is prone to accumulating dirt, and it is easy to become black and moldy after being glued. The bottom is fixed with a buckle or a board, which is also very firm. After all, this is a vegetable basin, and it does not need any high load capacity. For the faucet, choose the pull-out faucet that can increase the water pressure and can be pulled out, so that it is convenient to use, and the edges and corners in the tank can be cleaned easily.

7. In the early stage of hydropower renovation, the main water pipe must be the larger version, and the water output is larger, so as to avoid the impact on the water pressure when the water is used in multiple places. The wires should be at least 4 square meters, and a few more power sockets should be prepared, especially for the sockets in the home appliance area. Try to install dislocation seamless sockets with switches, so that you don’t have to waste time by frequently plugging and unplugging the power supply. It is best to make a separate circuit for the power supply with the refrigerator, so that when we go out and travel for many days, we don't have to worry about the food in the refrigerator being broken.

8. The walking line in the kitchen is generally to take the food from the refrigerator first, then wash the vegetables or meat, cut, fry them, and finally serve the table. The layout must be reasonable, and choose according to your own preferences and needs, and the most important trick is that you can use it with most ease.

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