5 differences between a thermostatic sleeping bag and a normal sleeping bag

The main difference is that the materials, the functions, the effects, the cost, and the target groups.

Main difference:

1. The materials are different

Ordinary sleeping bags are made of cotton, which cannot maintain a constant temperature, while thermostatic sleeping bags are made of temperature-regulating materials, which can adjust the microclimate in the sleeping bag.

2. Different functions

The temperature of ordinary sleeping bags is determined according to their own heat, while the temperature of thermostatic sleeping bags can be adjusted automatically.

3. The effect

Ordinary sleeping bags have no special effect, while thermostatic sleeping bags can inhibit the growth of bacteria and can also adjust the temperature during sleep.

4. Different cost

The cost of raw materials used is higher in constant temperature sleeping bags, while the cost of ordinary sleeping bags is lower for ordinary cotton.

5. Suitable to different groups of people

Ordinary sleeping bags are suitable for healthy people, and thermostatic sleeping bags are suitable for the elderly to maintain the temperature.

Advice on sleeping bags:

Sleeping bags are also divided into autumn & winter models, summer models, etc. The specific sleeping bags need to be selected according to the temperature of the environment. For example, if the room with heating in the north is rather warm, you do not need to choose the thicker winter model; or when the night in the south is cold, you can cover the sleeping bag with a thin quilt.

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