4 steps to completely solve the problem of bathroom smell

God knows how many people have been defeated by the single "bathroom smell" in home improvement! Especially for the owner who has just finished renovation, it is really difficult for us to know, which is more painful experience than this.

As long as the water outlet in the bathroom is not well sealed, it is actually conducive to odors and flying insects. That is to say, there are generally three sources of odor: floor drain, toilet, and sink.

How to get rid of the smell of the floor drain?

Deodorant floor drains are mainly divided into two types: one is the traditional water-sealed deodorant, and the other is the new self-sealing deodorant.

For drains, we still recommend to use deep water sealed floor drains. Its deodorizing effect is far better than that of self-sealing floor drains. If you want to make sure the water-sealed floor drains not let out bad smell, in addition to determining the specifications when purchasing, you should usually pour water into the floor drains in time to ensure that there is water in the water seals, and replace it frequently.

The floor drains of the deep-water seal leaking core have its own water trap, which can prevent odor and insects through the water barrier, and the installation height is generally above 12cm.

It has good deodorizing effect, relatively fast drainage speed and long service life. However, it is necessary to use water seals to deodorize. If the floor drains in dry areas where water is not frequently used, the deodorization effect of insufficient water in the water seal will be greatly reduced.

floor drain

Spaces such as the shower area are drained in a large area, and the impact of the water flow is small. As long as the slope of the ground drainage is done well (reduced by 2~3cm per meter), the ground water can flow to the ground, and there is basically no need to worry about flooding. In addition, it is also very important of the correct installation, and it is best to be slightly lower than the ground 1~2mm, so that the drainage can be fast.

How to solve the bad smell of the toilet?

The smell of the toilet is mostly because the flange ring is not well sealed;

The flange ring is made of ABS material at the ground interface, and the sealing part is made of plasticine material with strong plasticity. The sealing effect is achieved by wrapping the toilet sewage outlet and the toilet itself by gravity.

How to solve the bad smell issue of the washbasin?

The U-shaped structure of the water storage trap can store water and form a sealed section of it. It is difficult for the gas to penetrate the density of the water. The sewage is also blocked by the water storage to isolate the sewage, odor and mosquitoes.

It should be noted that if there is no water in the trap, the smell will also go back. Therefore, it is necessary to flush regularly to prevent the water from drying out; moreover, the interface between the sewer hose and the sewer must be sealed with glass glue.

How to solve the unpleasant smell of the exhaust?

The exhaust port is not installed with a non-return valve, or the installation is not in place, and there may also be an unpleasant smell.

The check valve is a one-way ventilation device, also known as a one-way valve and a check valve. It only allows gas to go out and does not allow external gas to enter.

The odor ventilation in the bathroom mainly depends on the exhaust fan, but if the installation of the exhaust fan is not qualified, it is easy to cause the odor to flow back into the bathroom from the flue, resulting in odor.

If the exhaust fan is not installed with a check valve, the odor in the flue will easily flow back into the bathroom through the exhaust fan. The exhaust fan is equipped with a check valve to solve the problem (similar to the check valve of kitchen flue), so that the air in the air duct can be prevented from returning to the bathroom.


The effect of the fresh air system is good, but the cost of fresh air system in the whole house is relatively expensive, and its installation is also more troublesome, because the auxiliary material pipes need to be installed, and the fresh air pipes will enter the space very early in the decoration.

It seems complicated to analyze the source of bathroom odor one by one. In fact, in summary, you can basically say goodbye to bathroom odor by doing these four steps: use deodorant floor drains, add S-shaped water traps, seal the toilet, and install check valves at the air outlet.

bathroom illustration

1 floor drain, 2 S-shaped water trap, 3 flange ring, 4 check valve

If the above steps are ineffective, it is recommended to use professional dredging methods such as pipe dredging agents and unclogging devices.

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